Kamloops Voters Society


Our Values

Mission Statement

The Kamloops Voters Society is a nonpartisan organization that drives informed and active participation in local government. Through education and advocacy, we strive to increase timely, meaningful, and real engagement to proactively influence outcomes and provide an empowered voice to the residents of Kamloops.

Vision Statement

The Kamloops Voters Society acts to inspire accountable government, transparent financial leadership, and open engagement to foster local government that is responsive to the needs of residents. Through information, research, and dialogue we support and inform residents, energizing an informed citizenry to participate actively in the civic process.

“Fiscal accountability, ethical conduct, meaningful resident engagement, and transparency are important to us.”

Randy Sunderman


Key Themes

  1. `Foster fiscal accountability and sound financial spending (both spending and revenue generation).
  2.  Advocate for a high degree of ethical conduct by staff and elected officials.
  3. Defend the right of residents to be meaningfully heard by their local government.
  4. Support council in pursuing transparent leadership that builds and incorporates the goals and perspectives of residents. 



Whether you have a question, or are looking to move an issue forward within local government, we may be able to help.